Sunday, February 8, 2009

Visit your dentist regularly

The given title of my post this time might probably sound trivial as I'm sure most of the bloggers have made the visit to dental clinic for dental treatment and the regular checkings as a mandatory / routine - I have been ignoring such a treatment for more than 19 years ever since I had lost my "fang" sometime in 1989 due to a harsh co-curricular game - that was rugby.

For many years, appearance has been my second priorty - as throughout those years I have let one "empty partition" in between of my teeth line - in our local dialect, or rather slang, it is being reffered to as "Rumpang"...huh..huh...

To make it short, until fairly recently, when I have been teased heavily by few of my practical joker buddies, then I have subsequently come to my innate resolution - to have my "empty partition" filled with a denture - as they hardly have seen any of my taken picture showing me smiling; though they knew my very reason of being so - that was to cover my "not persuasive" smile..huh..huh...

Being triggered by such 'force', I enthusiastically consulted a dentist somewhere in Bundusan, Kota Kinabalu - how naive I was, by intially thinking of that having the denture implanted would take just a few minutes to be done; instead, I have to go through 2 sessions of "trial" & "error" fixing the denture; plus being given few months of 'experimental' period - having been informed of the unpleasant 'taste' of using denture, I was later being given an alternative to have a 'bridging' fixed to my "empty partition" - which later cost me RM1500 - RM500 for a denture plus RM1000 for the left and right teeth being "crowned" as to sustain the denture.

The moral of my experience - I've lost quite a substantial of cash which could somehow help me to cover a month of my vehicle's instalment - and I should have such a treatment or procedure long time ago when the fees were still quite affordable..huh..huh


Fernanda Ferreira said...

Hi Carl,
You definitely should have more regular visits to your dentist...or not!!!
But, honestly I know the feeling; I have recently been "robbed" by mine as well...
Fortunately I can chew better and have less stomach my country we call this factor PI

JMimie Mabin said...

hahaha..i like reading this type of story-telling..santai dn mghiburkn. tiada niat utk mentertawakn isi kandungan cerita cuma the way u narrate it sgt menarik..keep it up!

tAtA said...

allo bro bambarayon...nunu tabar nu? pasal post ko ni...mmg berani & motivative(ngamkh ejaan sa ni) for's better if u stay the way u use to be...but, it's best for u if u "change" the way u use to be...teda jga masalah bah tu..janji hepi....
aikbo serius gam sa d karamunsing tu hari kta jmpa tu?... hehehehe..
sorih, bro. carls, buat masa ni ndada ruang masa yg cukup utk sa dtg mlawat p tanah jajahan, mmg sa rancang mo dtg jga blik slgi msh bujang ni.. cma, tggu ada kelapangan dlulh... nanti ko bwa sa jalan2 mcm hari tu lg ah.. dudua kita... hahaha
rindu sdh sa mo dgr suara evergreen & elvis sound a like
ko tu.... hehehhehee
TQ bro

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AragangTandik said...

hai Carl, uik babanar po, mimang mahal butul bikin denture sikarang ni. Kalu di hospital kerajaan murah kah? Bagus juga ko kasi ingat tu budak2 sikulah - jaga diaurang punya gigi - buat lawatan amal - apamacam?

Fernanda Ferreira said...

Hello Carl,
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Fernanda Ferreira said...

Hello Carl,
Long time no hearing...are you ok??? I hope so.
I have been able to solve some of my problems and have been posting regularly.
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