Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ohh..What A Day..."Misti tahan tukul ba..."

I woke up quite early this morning (3.30 a.m.) - my routine of getting off the bed would be at 5 a.m. (Normally I'll be sleeping on the couch in the living room - an old bad habit of mine during my teen days - watching Tv or being watched). Then, I went off straight to my lap top to browse my e-mail. result has been sent over via e-mail by my best buddy far off in KK. Well..guess what..I thought I would not be able to proceed for my final semester of my "second paper" (being so much preoccupied by the culture of "paper chasing") my surprise again, the detailed sheet of the result has been attached as well. As expected, I got this lousy grade from my extremely "mean" lecturer - who has just been promoted to a full professorship recently ( A perfectionist lady of course...)

The worst was that, I've been informed by few of my buddies, that she would be our Mdm lecturer again for our coming "killing paper" - I felt so dizzy (as if I was falling apart..he..he..) to hear such a bad news. goes many of my buddies typically say whenever they feel down..."aii.. misti tahan tukul ba..."

Another lousy story...My top superior's behaviour was at its frantically "mad" level this morning - as he went around looking for someone to screw off, and a bad omen unexpectedly cursed me as I was at a wrong spot when he passed through and saw me - the only offering was that of his deadly frowning..he...he.."misti tahan tukul ba.."

P/s long..long time ago..several friends of mine who were really into politics said,"Kalau mau jadi pemimpin, misti tahan tukul ba..."

A Long Way To Go

The people who turn out to be the best leaders are those who have previously been the best followers.”
—Alexander Haslam

Hello everyone... I haven't been in the "blog" for the past couple of days. I have just received an invitation from Sanguru @ Cikgu Anrod welcoming me to join a newly established blog by the name of Suara Anak Malaysia (@ - I feel so honoured of being chosen to be part of this group of sharp and scholastic bloggers - I'm not actually a good and prolific writer in a sense that my mind is sometimes in "on" and "off" state - which means, there will be times that I could not really think inquisitively of anything - being thwarted by the lack of awareness of what is happening around; and there will be times, where my mind would suddenly be filled with many ideas - motivated by provocation.

Thank you Sanguru. I'll try my best. This gonna be a long and formative way for me...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Typical Scenario - "Cari Nasip"

Yesterday evening when I was about to go for groceries at one of the mini markets in Tambunan town; I noticed that the usual place being heavily thronged would be the STC (It happened to be the only one existing "niche" for luck seekers here besides the so-called "Galap-galap" vendors".
I've been thinking of the benefit that would be yielded from the tickects they have bought - of course, those who (by luck / "puluk sut" they usually say..) managed to strike a big bonanza would be sleeping on a bed full of roses for days...
Besides, they might probably - unconsciously, being trained to sharpen their mathematical skills and to be a meticulous / selective and "wise consumer"...he...he...and hopefully would be able to train them to be meticulous and wise electorates as well...gia boh...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Are They The Ones Who Create The "Mess"???

I'm not really aware what is happening in the Middle East lately - until fairly recently then my focus of attention was being dragged towards the chaotic situation in that said place. Arguably, the characters shown in the editorial cartoon (which I secured while browsing the net) above might probably provide the hints...( I wonder if the qualities of those characters embeded within our "aspirants" and the existing political figures... the merrier it is the competitive it's gonna be... or the "messy" it's gonna be...Really???)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Office Politics - "Gossiping"

Gossiping is another type of very common office politics - and has long been associated with one of the political / campaigning "weapons" or devices, that is "propaganda"; and of cause another kind of organizational culture - typically in our mainstream / conventional community.
Frankly, I hate gossiping. I've been an innocent victim in a number of circumtances before. I guess I'm a kind of "straight to the point" plus "outspoken" guy. I would go straight to the details of the matters that I resented of / most - and normally I would confront the persons who uttered the words and demand for their justification - this is very-very harmful and stressful (the next day while you were sober....he..he..) if you do this especially while you were "intoxicated"...he...he...everything would burst off...
Some said, you would not be an updated and informed person if your are not enganging with gossiping - ohhh..Really? Even last night when I was having a casual conversation with a few of my new buddies (having known them almost a year now...), there were few agendas talked which I assumed as much more like gossiping - I just quieted myself...only in a few pauses of our engagement I would give simple replies and simply giving favourable answers - if I were not doing so, definitely I would be the next agenda of their gossip... Ha..ha..okay got to go half Caucasian half Dusun (Eurasian) buddy is calling me down to the town for a few cups of Saturday coffee..he..he..
Oh, it's good to hear from my relative, Justina @ Nong of Kg. Salimandut, Tandek -Okay I'll try to find the remnants of the documented details of Aki Tumunda from my old man. I heard Cikgu Charles Kuminding @ Prof, and Sanguru @ Cikgu Anrod are also doing the similiar research..Okay until then, bye.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Office Politics - Sequel

The whole day today went off peacefully - everything seemed to be okay at my workplace - I reckoned the situation was much more favourable due to the absence of our "General" - as our immediate superior / boss is away on leave till next week.
I guess the "office politics" has relatively subsided for the time being as everyone of my colleague did not demonstrate any competitive behaviour - apparently everyone was busy to mind their own business. None of them were "kogutan" - neither me..he..he..still adhering with the resolution...
I've come across with one of Tompipiris's (Illie) pieces posted on his blog discussing a subject matter on how to impress our superior - it is given the title of "20 ways on how to impress your boss". does worth it if you guys could spend sometime browsing through his blog.
As for me, I'll give it a try soonest possible...bukan mangampu boss ni ahh...he..he..he..See whether it's applicable or otherwise - okay tidur dulu...tau la klu sudah mo tua2 nie..capat butul panat...until then...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Office Politics and Politics

I’m not really good at penning any issues related to politics; neither discussing them critically. Below are the two useful definitions describing the distinction of the two terms which originally derived from the word of “Politics”:

Office politics "is the use of one's individual or assigned power within an employing organization for the purpose of obtaining advantages beyond one's legitimate authority. Those advantages may include access to tangible assets, or intangible benefits such as status or pseudo-authority that influences the behavior of others. Both individuals and groups may engage in Office Politics."
Office politics also refers to the way co-workers
act among each other. It can be either positive or negative.

Whereas Politics is the process by which groups of people make decisions. The term is generally applied to behavior within civil governments, but politics has been observed in all human group interactions, including corporate, academic, and religous institutions. It consists of "social relations involving authority or power" and refers to the regulation of a political unit and to the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy.

Political science (also political studies) is the study of political behavior, and examines the acquisition and application of power. Related areas of study include political philosophy, which seeks a rationale for politics and an ethic of public behavior, and public administration, which examines the practices of governance.

My hypothesis is that, both the concepts of “politics” are actually interrelated with one another – as both are being employed by means of obtaining the ultimate aim – that is “profit”.
And of cause, literally, “profit” itself could be defined into several terms – the most typical are that of the “monetary and material profit” which are tangible, and “profit” which are intangible – those could not be seen by our very vision – they could be in the forms of “verbal recognition”, “legitimate empowered authority”, etc.

Basically, within the organization, politics itself is the process where the system and policy are being fomulated and implemented – while, office politics on the other hand, is the “game” played within the political system and policy of the organization. As mentioned in the precedent paragraph – the consequences could be favourable and unfavourable.
(Sources are extracted from Dressler G., 2005: Human Resource Management - Tenth Edition)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Beware of Office Politics

I've been working with a public organization for many years - one of the common organizational vicious cultures is that of the so-called "office politics". You may sincerely would like to perform well in your job - but there is always someone, somebody or a group that would like to see you down. Beware....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Painful Transition...tulahh koto...diabilang Dusun...

I had started to do a number of physical workouts this morning - doing jogging and a brisk walk to and fro from my house to the town (my house is located just few yards from Tambunan town).

It was indeed painful...the "byproduct" and complication of not doing cardiovascular workout for several years plus being a chain-ciggarette smoker and enganging in an inproper diet; I've tried painfully recently to cut-down the number- ironically, I would not go for ciggarette if I'm at my workplace or at home (bad example..). Hopefully this year I will be able to..aiseyy...quit...

After few rounds of running and brisk walking I could feel the persisitent piercing in my chest - ouch!!! This reminded me that it's timely to get rid everything that could bring me down six-inch down the ground -palis...palis...

The moral...stop before it's too's now or never...or whatever...

Transition requires a lot of sacrifice...should have done this long time ago.

Phenomenal "Liyud"

Hopefully everything will be fine in Kota Marudu..especially Tandek area - yaa..the area is always prone to flood.Hope you guys are fine there...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Siou kio, sia bukan macam dulu lagi" and "BUKU BERTEMU RUAS" ???

"BUKU BERTEMU RUAS" - I'm not so sure its literal definition as I have not been reading Malay materials lately - none even the idiomatic or literary material. As far as I could remember from what I've learnt from my Malay Literature teacher, it does have the elements of idiomatic expression and also similar to that of the Malay proverb.

I met this friend of mine who have been emigrated to West / Peninsula Malaysia for years to make ends meet and living. Noticeably, he has considerably changed mentally and physically - as we were having few sips of good drinks, he kept on repeating the same phrase throughout our light conversation -"Siou kio, sia bukan macam dulu lagi.." I guess it was an adverse reaction by the stimulant substance in our drinks..ha...ha.. Personally, I'm proud of him of being able to become a new person - though in the past he has been constantly being sidelined and rejected by many. He gave up smoking and physically tough and "macho" as a result of regularly working out in the gym.

The moral of the story? Well.., I used to be in the West Malaysia studying at the oldest and premiest higher learning institution located adjacent to and within the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur - weekend would be our very much awaited moment and deserved break from the long and tedious lectures during weekdays - typically we frequented hawker stalls along the Jln. Maaruf in Bangsar just to experience the delicacies and enjoying the view and sometimes we were (many times actually) tend to be carried away...he..he the best place / "niche" would be The ..... (this place is similar to Bistro with a little touch of discotheque) - It happened to be the favourite spot of people from all walks of life - apparently among the Sabahan students - both those who were studying in Local and private higher learning institutions.

It happened to be on one very weekend day that we spent our late evening moment in that place - where we unexpectedly witnessed a free show of ladies dancing almost topless on a round table - seemingly our surprise...we had been informed by the bar tender (also a Sabahan) that the ladies were actually Sabahans as well (Dusuns obviously...); and studying at one of the prestigious colleges in the capital city - the truth later prevailed...the ladies were the regular patrons of the place and guess what...all expenses were paid by their Sugar da... who happened to be one of the well-known notorious ring leader in the city (how far the truth was, we didn't have any was maybe just a rumor...)

Another pathetic view was that of when we were strolling along the hawker stalls within the vicinity of Bukit Bintang - a skinny, long-haired, pathetically untidy, and physically unmanagable outlook guy was extremely preoccupied scavenging for food in the trash bins by the roadside - guess what??? That fellow was having his late evening meal out of the leftover taken from the rubbish bins by happily singing one of the popular number of Dusun songs...What a pity bumi junkie..the victim of the vicious cycle and reality of KL...

Of that the three encounters, I tried the best of my conclusive conviction to relate it with the saying "Buku Bertemu Ruas" - it isn't that precise though...

The first relation about my friend for instance - he has embarked on a new dimension of his life - he managed to bring in a "new version" of him mentally and physically though he seemed to be a little bit of arrogant... I tried in a few intervals to get over his points along our sometimes heated and sometimes cool conversation (just to test how far he has improved in terms of his reasoning skills and refuting proficiency...he..he...).

Well... in that very evening engagement we had came to the term of "Buku Bertemu Ruas"- as one of the patrons next to our table sarcastically blended in by uttering,"ha..ha.. Carl, pintar suda kawan kau tu sejak karja di KL...ini kali baru la buku bertemu ruas..." Okay... not a big deal ...

The second and third encounters implying and defining the dark version of the severe price of what our youth have to pay of being so ignorant - being so overwhelmed by the pursuit of worldly and pleasure of life...So what would happen if they were ours (the Kimaragang youth)? What would be the consequences?

Sorry...I'm not preaching here...he..he...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Haunting Dissertation

I woke up quite early this morning (new year resolution..ha..ha..) - I was on my way to my rendezvous room when I heard my father's pick up was heating its engine - a day before, my parents told me that they would be coming back down to Tandek, K. Marudu today. goes on as usual for us...and this very morning also -that is 2 hours from now on.. we will be having a tedious meeting...(sort of like a "tribal meeting" at my workplace...there'll be phrases,"...listen everyone...the chief have spoken..please be quiet & attentive..." He...He...
This afternoon also I'll be going down to KK (Tambunan is located parallel with the Crocker Range - which means this valley geogrophical location is higher than that of the Western coastal of KK & Northern area of K. Marudu - that's why I use the phrases "going down" and "going up" (he..he..up stream person like me..).
KK means picking up my result at UMS - not sure whether I will be able to proceed for the final semester ( of my Human Capital / Resource Management -through coursework Master degree) which will be commencing next week or... And, again I have to fine tune everything as we are required to seek for our Master dissertation's Supervisor & of cause, the proposal as well..;I still could not figure out what sort of research scope and focus that I should undertake - in previous semesters; the best topic that I was able to thoroughly & academically wrote was on the Leadership & Performance Management...And the worse is that, my written command in English is declining over times - the course in conducted fully in English similiar to the dissertation which also must be written in "urang putih"... & the dreadful Viva Voce as well...
I've also been thinking of taking some time to go down to K. Marudu to seek for hlp from Sanguru & others...would you Sir...he..he...gotta go taking my bath now..meeting at 7.30am...

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I was about to seek for the relevant blogs discussing about the concerns of Dusunic sub-ethnic of Kimaragang on the net when I was coincidentally stumbled upon a comment posted by Mr. Daniel Jebon Janaun on the Kimaragang Graduates Society's blog sometime ago.

Interesting enough, by only coming up with the simple acronym of PESTA - He did somehow imply the profound significant of what sort of revolution and reformation that the people of Kimaragang should embark on and embrace upon - if they would like to be at the peak and being competitive with the other Malaysian races. And, of cause it does worth it if we take sometime to internalize of his comment.

What have been elaborated by Mr Daniel were that of the need of a focused and extensive reformation and revolution of our people's political destination, perspective and mind set; inclusive economic reform, sociocultural paradigm shift, the comprehensive development of technology know-how/ literacy among the Kimaragang indigenous, and of cause, above all, the academic achievement and development of the Kimaragangs - and these would definitely help to expedite the social mobility & the improvement of the well-being of the Kimaragang.

I'll continue's time for the interlude..feel terribly sleepy.. Bule tahan Igu..tiada rethoric-rethoric..(Mr. Daniel Jebon was my former Pengajian Am / General Studies "sifu")

The Significance of Jar

Sorry guys...I am still a "novice" in this area. And sorry as well of identifiying myself by visualizing the picture of a "jar"- at present I don't have any favorable photo of mine to be posted. None of my intention as well as to imply that I am a "singgarung" fellow..he..he..

It is just because of these few recollections that unexpectedly have come across into my mind of the significance use of the "jar" - i.e. it has been used as a burial jar, stuffing the intoxicating rice wine, as a dowry (the many you have the richer you are in the olden days) as well as an an antique.Only for the debut...

Afternoon In Tambunan With Temptation...

Towards now it has already been approximately 12 hours after the count down of year 2009 - he..he..already I have received - thus far 9 short messaging services inviting me to attend the "singgarung" session -most came from my best buddies around Tambunan & Keningau - and the farthest was from Beluran, KK & Tandek, Kota Marudu - well... I guess I'll stick with my (hopefully..) absolute resolution which I've been trying to uphold for many years but to no avail...ha..ha.. "all habits die hard". Now then I'm suffering from gastritis/ intestine - related problem - the "by product" / implication of for many years being a social drinker...eerie...
My parents arrived from Tandek yesterday for the New Year bash at our home here in Tambunan - it's peculiar enough to be posed with a question, "Mart, ko inda keluarkah pigi celebrate New Year?"...I just quieted myself & kept on watching a movie on astro - though I wasn't sure enough what the hell the storyline/ theme of the movie was all about...then I moved calmly to my rendezvous room to surf the net & visit the blogs of the people I have hardly known & some whom I know well but never have met them....I like to read that ones of Sanguru, Little Mike, Dr. Jurin Gunsalam, Melatiduka, Tun Teja...too many to mention...most are extremely provocating...OK la it's time for the interlude...just if I would not be able to fullfil my resolution (To cut down the singgarung)..he..he..I would be equal to that one of the creature which Melatiduka compared it with LELAKI..just joke..

How Naive I Am

After few visits to several blogs of locals - I' have been thinking ever since that how far I have been left behind - as all the while I've just heard word spread around that the current platform for people to express their commentaries, ideas, expressions are being done via blog.

What a big shy of me..this gonna be my first attempt to create my own blog out of my naiveness...exactly on the 1st Jan of 2009. I didn't go out anywhere last night (new year's eve - as I was contemplating and pondering my ancient past resolutions which never been materialized - so as for the first step..this is it...hopefully I would be able to sharpen my thoughts & well as to get into shape...2008 was the most "physically" prosperous year for me as I managed to gained extra kilos to my weight profile...hardly recognizabale as I've become chubby & stout...HAPPY 1st JANUARY 2009...