Monday, March 9, 2009

Hi, Hello There...

I've lost count of how long I've been missing from my blog. The truth is, I've just been discharged recently from the hospital due to my critically & profusely bleeding peptic ulcer; it was indeed a scary experience indescribable by words - I've lost quite a massive amount of blood which have almost taken a toll upon my life. (This is actually an old ailment - I was first time being admitted to Keningau District Hospital due to the similiar diagnosis back in October 2006).

I spent exactly 11 days in the hospital - on the Feb 21st till Feb 23th, 2009 , I was admitted at Tambunan District Hospital (though I was initially reluctant to be in due to lots of work commitment being left behind..) - It was on that late evening of that very day that I had almost gone - "seeing the light at the end of the tunnel & seeing a bright light coming to grab you away" ...

Since my blood group is "O" - which is a universal donor, but on the other way round; a very particular receiver which was very rare as well - I have to wait for the blood pins to arrive from Kota Kinabalu - thank God, my good buddy, Dr.Paul Molius managed to make some calls to expedite the delivery of the blood supply - they should firstly have to be screened for the second time before being transfused to me. I didn't know what had happened to me after that as I was passed out.

I was then ferried to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kota Kinabalu, on the same day with an ambulance - which it sent me straight away to the emergency room later to the Endoscopy / operation room to cease the bleeding - the procedure was performed by two consultant surgeons - I didn't know what type of substances and apparatus they administered and utilized - the only sensation I could feel was; the agony of the pain inside my intestine / duodenum because of the Adrenaline shots & the heat probe (the burning of the bleeding vessel to halt the oozing blood which is a bit similar to the laser treatment) they applied to stop the bleeding. It was on the morning of Feb 24th, 2.00am - as I had a glimpse at the clock on the wall of the operation theatre. Later, I was under sedative...

I regained consciousness the next morning at Sabah Medical Centre, Luyang KK. Here I felt a little bit fresher though I still could feel the piercing pain in my tummy - and I knew the bleeding had not stopped yet as my stool was still blackish mixed with fresh blood...yukkss

Having being warded in the SMC, I was subject to the experimentation tasks / procedures performed mostly by the interns / housemen / junior resident doctors - with lots of "pleasant" and persisitent interviews & anus checkings - I gradually didn't feel bothered anymore.I'd undergone another 2 more endoscopy / OGDS procedures (inserting a tube attached with a tiny built-in camera through my mouth passing the trachea, and straight to the colon) during my 3-day stint at SMC.
I was later transferred to the old and crowded Multi-disciplinary Acute Male ward at the old block of Queen Elizabeth Hospital to recuperate - I was later discharged on the March 3rd, 2009 - and was given another a week sick leave. It was indeed an experience which has taught me how precious our health and life is...


JMimie Mabin said...

hi carl, welcome back! So sorry to hear abt ur present health condition. Thank goodness that you are getting better and back to ur normal life. God bless..cheers!

ison said...

Ai, ong okon ko minangabar ko siti dino, aso telalaan ya carl. sukur no bo tu waro no kinowowosian nu.

Tandayai pogi nono dot ogorot 'aramai ti'. Ilo no sabab dot momuraa tongo gituko dilo.

Take good care bro. ;)

Little Mike said...

hallo carl,

patut la lama menyepi. Sedih juga mendengar khabar ini. Semoga terus beroleh kesembuhan dan kembali kepada rutin.

God Bless you...

How Are You? said...

ui..mat si uku ni. bikin tekejut juga ko ni kena admit. My husband pun semalam kena admit di JPMC pasal usus sakit tidak tau knapa. muntah dan tidak dpt berak. Sdh kena bagi paint killer pun masih sakit. Dalam darah ada infection. Doc said dia mau kena 'flush out' badan dia. puasa sampai esok petang. He's fine, can walk and talk. Nanti sia leave comment lagi sini apa perkembangan. Bukan menghebohkan tapi sharing something for everyone. Bye

AragangTandik said...

hi Carl - syukurlah ko sudah sembuh. Hati-hati dalam soal pemakanan. Paling penting makan ikut jadual - he he he siapa ni ah konon2 pandai2 kasi nasihat? By the way I mean what I hve just said.

ILLIE said...

take care of yourself..
ikut nasihat doktor..buat masa sikarang simpan tenaga dan kasi "kurang2" dulu laitu acara kegemaran kita..bukan sia suruh baranti..BTW..sia punya blood group pun "O" case of emergency..bila2 sia buli membantu..

Carl S. Adun said...

Terima kasih kpd kwn2 semua.I really appreciate your concern - thank you very2 much.

ison said...

By the way, Dr. Paul Molius is my senior in UKM and used to be my good buddy as well. Good to hear that he manages to help u in some way. Tdk tau dia ingat saya lagi ka tidak. Nanti kau tanya dia.

Once again wish u best of health and take good care. 'simpan tenaga' bilang si Illie. Hee...

How Are You? said... is the tunnel Mat? I read about it before (about souls)

Mat sambung lagi pasal husband sia..EXACTLY the same lah. But not like you la travel sana sini and no ambulance experience la. Luckily he is fit enough to drive to JPMC which I told all in my kedai kupi. Yes, endoscopy that's the word yang sia cari cari tu.

PASAL LOGOP ni bukan juga penyebab lah, sbb si saba bukan minum tu. TIDAK TENTU MAKAN maybe. When Doctor Alex (Which I was confirmed he is one of Brunei Sultan's doctor) hehe mikirayou dulu) showed us tu gambar, ada lah dorang kasi burn itu isi (growth) di sana sini,(doc ison, sila perbetulkan kalau faham ckp sia), and dorang ckp, ada dorang suck itu berak hampir sebotol, tidak tau berapa litre lah juga. Anyway, ubat dia ialah PAINT KILLER, PANADOL, FIBRE (lepas ni sia terpaksa paksa dia makan oats.

Nampaknya sekarang kami seri, dulu dia tengok sia masa C-section (Live), sekarang sia yg mau ternangis tgk dia baru sedar dari kena bius. huhuhu...what an experience, suddenly I have this negative thinking palis palis. So, from now on I got to be like sediakan payung sebelum hujan.

BTW, bisuk (11 mar)petang dia pulang.

Fernanda Ferreira said...

Hello my dear friend Carl ^_^

The sun is there for us to enjoy and so is LIFE...
Thank you for paying me and my Blog a visit, and especially for sharing with us your dreadful experience!!! 'Get Well Soon'.
Big Hug

Umar al-Longobi said...

Siri Lawatan Ke Blog Sidang Redaksi SAM: Selamat Pagi. Teruskan perjuangan kalian. Jumpa lagi!

nota: tiada kada i kupi ka bos? hehe

SANGURU said...

adess...nokura to madadako oi. bah, jaga kesihatan, makan ikut masa yg tepat, makan ubat, kasi senang hati..osi'siat poh om sumuang digi sit tupis tokow...

Anonymous said...

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