Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where Did I Go?

I have not been posted any pieces onto my blog for quite a long time - the last time was on the Jan 15, 2009 - I presumed this is due to my preoccupation with the far too much workload unbearable to handle plus of other commitments to attend. I have just come back from my long trip to West Coast region of our state few days ago (A week break) - It was indeed a tiring journey but worthy one. I started off travelling (with my tough and pity Toyota Vigo cum my temporary office & library) on the Jan 25, 2009 (Sunday) from Tambunan down to KK, up to the Mt Kinabalu foothill area (covering the area of Nabalu Town, Kundasang, Ranau etc.), and down to Beluran, Lahad Datu and finally Tawau (after staying overnight in Lahad Datu).

Travelling along the long stretch from Lahad Datu to Tawau was indeed an amazing view indescribable by words - from one end to the other end, on your left and on your right; you could only see the green view of the oil palm estates - the profit of the POIC (Palm Oil Industrial Cluster) which apparently being intensifly developed. As I have not been visiting West Coast ever since my childhood days (the last time was in 1976 - when my mum and dad were still working in Tawau); I was extremely appalled to witness the rapid development of Lahad Datu Town in particular (I reckoned it as a town which seems to be developing sooner into a city) - I could even see few huge billboards featuring the YB's and the MP's smiling figure with few phrases drawing the "rakyat" attention to contact them should there is any problem faced by them (very obvious comparison - if I were to compare it with Tambunan and Kota Marudu).

Having been there has actually altered my long embedded perception of assuming Lahad Datu as a humble small maritime and agrarian town - it is actually the other way round, the town has outnumbered my "two towns / "kampungs" in many ways - though it is located far off from the capital city (faham-faham saja la...)...he..he..

I also took the opportunity to visit few of my former varsity mates in Kunak, Balung and Silam - Well.. few of them have wrinkeld with dark complexion due to long hours working on their inherited small medium oil palm "estate" - but suprisingly, even with that small medium "empire" they managed to build quite a comfy and poshy house (which in KK could worth RM250,000+++) plus to own few new 4x4 - Yupp..several of them are actually government official but still adopting a low profile existence.

I went off back to KK on the Jan 29, 2009 - rushing to see my dissertation supervisor - as I have been contacted by my buddy that the dateline ("deathline"...huh..huh..) would be actually the next day (Jan 30, 2009)...It was really a tensed usual I called my supervisor as I've already prepared my many hopefully accepted excuses - Thank God, the reply was favorable enough - as he uttered..."Carl, just come and see me at your convenience" ( I wonder if our YBs and MPs are like this with full of discretion...)

Well I guess this piece is quite a bit of lengthy. I need to attend my domestic duks, chickens & puppies first as I could hear them shouting at me from the backyard asking to be fed...see you guys

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fyo.. long journey arr.. so nice blog..