Monday, January 4, 2010

What an ignorant I am...

The last time I did my entry was last year in October...Ohh my...I almost have forgotten that I'm actually owned a blog that supposedly to be attended - I've been far to ignorant and being so occupied by other stuff...

I could still remember vividly, the first time I embarked on this blogging business I was obviously too enthusiastic that I could even write few entries within a week or so...Much more focusing on narrating my own personal encounters & daily life experiences...It was a period over which I was so critically suffering from my peptic ulcer...besides juggling my time studying for my MA with work commitment.

Time has changed tremendously now - I've started doing physical workouts regularly, cutting down on alcoholic beverages, & quitting smoking... Feeling so good now that I could even do few rounds of slow jog either in the morning or evening...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm back...

I've received few signals from my buddies telling me that I have not been blogging for quite sometime...thank you for awaking me up guys....There are too many stories that I would like to share here..but it would be very much too talk about..I've completed my masters course & will be attending the convocation on the October 10...8 more days to go...I've also applied to be transferred to do behind the desk job at the district office...And got the opportunities to meet new friends for the past few months...I'll be in touched...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm So Sorry: Been Missing for Quite Sometime

Hello dear guys...So sorry that I did not post anything on my blog for quite sometime...there were few issues plus other commitments that I've to attend to. Now then, I guess I will be able to get back on the track and to be with you all again.

Life was quite demanding lately - as I've to juggle my time with work commitment, family affairs plus my studies.

Wait for the next entry. Really tired..just ame back from the gym to do few workouts & to get back into shape...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hi, Hello There...

I've lost count of how long I've been missing from my blog. The truth is, I've just been discharged recently from the hospital due to my critically & profusely bleeding peptic ulcer; it was indeed a scary experience indescribable by words - I've lost quite a massive amount of blood which have almost taken a toll upon my life. (This is actually an old ailment - I was first time being admitted to Keningau District Hospital due to the similiar diagnosis back in October 2006).

I spent exactly 11 days in the hospital - on the Feb 21st till Feb 23th, 2009 , I was admitted at Tambunan District Hospital (though I was initially reluctant to be in due to lots of work commitment being left behind..) - It was on that late evening of that very day that I had almost gone - "seeing the light at the end of the tunnel & seeing a bright light coming to grab you away" ...

Since my blood group is "O" - which is a universal donor, but on the other way round; a very particular receiver which was very rare as well - I have to wait for the blood pins to arrive from Kota Kinabalu - thank God, my good buddy, Dr.Paul Molius managed to make some calls to expedite the delivery of the blood supply - they should firstly have to be screened for the second time before being transfused to me. I didn't know what had happened to me after that as I was passed out.

I was then ferried to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kota Kinabalu, on the same day with an ambulance - which it sent me straight away to the emergency room later to the Endoscopy / operation room to cease the bleeding - the procedure was performed by two consultant surgeons - I didn't know what type of substances and apparatus they administered and utilized - the only sensation I could feel was; the agony of the pain inside my intestine / duodenum because of the Adrenaline shots & the heat probe (the burning of the bleeding vessel to halt the oozing blood which is a bit similar to the laser treatment) they applied to stop the bleeding. It was on the morning of Feb 24th, 2.00am - as I had a glimpse at the clock on the wall of the operation theatre. Later, I was under sedative...

I regained consciousness the next morning at Sabah Medical Centre, Luyang KK. Here I felt a little bit fresher though I still could feel the piercing pain in my tummy - and I knew the bleeding had not stopped yet as my stool was still blackish mixed with fresh blood...yukkss

Having being warded in the SMC, I was subject to the experimentation tasks / procedures performed mostly by the interns / housemen / junior resident doctors - with lots of "pleasant" and persisitent interviews & anus checkings - I gradually didn't feel bothered anymore.I'd undergone another 2 more endoscopy / OGDS procedures (inserting a tube attached with a tiny built-in camera through my mouth passing the trachea, and straight to the colon) during my 3-day stint at SMC.
I was later transferred to the old and crowded Multi-disciplinary Acute Male ward at the old block of Queen Elizabeth Hospital to recuperate - I was later discharged on the March 3rd, 2009 - and was given another a week sick leave. It was indeed an experience which has taught me how precious our health and life is...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Visit your dentist regularly

The given title of my post this time might probably sound trivial as I'm sure most of the bloggers have made the visit to dental clinic for dental treatment and the regular checkings as a mandatory / routine - I have been ignoring such a treatment for more than 19 years ever since I had lost my "fang" sometime in 1989 due to a harsh co-curricular game - that was rugby.

For many years, appearance has been my second priorty - as throughout those years I have let one "empty partition" in between of my teeth line - in our local dialect, or rather slang, it is being reffered to as "Rumpang"...huh..huh...

To make it short, until fairly recently, when I have been teased heavily by few of my practical joker buddies, then I have subsequently come to my innate resolution - to have my "empty partition" filled with a denture - as they hardly have seen any of my taken picture showing me smiling; though they knew my very reason of being so - that was to cover my "not persuasive" smile..huh..huh...

Being triggered by such 'force', I enthusiastically consulted a dentist somewhere in Bundusan, Kota Kinabalu - how naive I was, by intially thinking of that having the denture implanted would take just a few minutes to be done; instead, I have to go through 2 sessions of "trial" & "error" fixing the denture; plus being given few months of 'experimental' period - having been informed of the unpleasant 'taste' of using denture, I was later being given an alternative to have a 'bridging' fixed to my "empty partition" - which later cost me RM1500 - RM500 for a denture plus RM1000 for the left and right teeth being "crowned" as to sustain the denture.

The moral of my experience - I've lost quite a substantial of cash which could somehow help me to cover a month of my vehicle's instalment - and I should have such a treatment or procedure long time ago when the fees were still quite affordable..huh..huh

Monday, February 2, 2009

Boss, Why Did You Give Me Such A Peculiar Stare..?

I wonder if my Boss has been browsing the blogs lately..and have stumbled across my blog..mmm. This question keeps on lingering in my mind as the whole half-day at my workplace my Boss was staring at me - as if there were something wrong that I've done...Hopefully it was a heterogeneous stare (not homogeneous...he...he..)
My Boss is an every obidient subordinate could imagine as someone who is strictly following the rules of the "book" - "...I can be soft if you all want me to be; and I can be like hell as well if you all play hard with me.." The first "warning versus " he spoke for the first time he appeared in our "comfort zone" / organization sometime last year.
There are only few satirical posts that I've posted onto my blog concerning the leadership issues - and most of the instances I've drawn were from my own internal experience - and honestly the essence and criticism were not intended upon him (sometimes..he..he..).
I don't have much headache with my boss's style of management though- maybe he has been brought up in such a way where discipline is the utmost priority in his daily routine /regime - and mistakes should not be tolerated...Everything is about result if the performance appraisal were to be given a favourable mark / grade.
The positive impact of his disposition and his way of leading us is that of the decorum he has inculcated in most of us - though "hard and rigorous" in many ways - I could feel and observe the changes that are still going on and taking place- punctuality is improving, meeting the dateline of given tasks has improved tremendously, and no more the culture of "suka-suka keluar masa karja mo pigi minum kupi di kadai..abis di kantin pait kunun.." and no more "lepaking" at the canteen - even the Uncle Guard has already been brainwashed / indoctrinated with the military style of securing the gate - and constantly frowning seriously from the main entrance any suspected "mutineers" (Guantanamo Camp...)
Okay..lah this is quite a lengthy piece. Need to attend my domestic ducks, chickens and puppies as I can hear them shouting at me from the backyard asking to be fed - if not, I'm worried they might be emigrated next door....discipline is discipline dia bilang boss...he..he..

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where Did I Go?

I have not been posted any pieces onto my blog for quite a long time - the last time was on the Jan 15, 2009 - I presumed this is due to my preoccupation with the far too much workload unbearable to handle plus of other commitments to attend. I have just come back from my long trip to West Coast region of our state few days ago (A week break) - It was indeed a tiring journey but worthy one. I started off travelling (with my tough and pity Toyota Vigo cum my temporary office & library) on the Jan 25, 2009 (Sunday) from Tambunan down to KK, up to the Mt Kinabalu foothill area (covering the area of Nabalu Town, Kundasang, Ranau etc.), and down to Beluran, Lahad Datu and finally Tawau (after staying overnight in Lahad Datu).

Travelling along the long stretch from Lahad Datu to Tawau was indeed an amazing view indescribable by words - from one end to the other end, on your left and on your right; you could only see the green view of the oil palm estates - the profit of the POIC (Palm Oil Industrial Cluster) which apparently being intensifly developed. As I have not been visiting West Coast ever since my childhood days (the last time was in 1976 - when my mum and dad were still working in Tawau); I was extremely appalled to witness the rapid development of Lahad Datu Town in particular (I reckoned it as a town which seems to be developing sooner into a city) - I could even see few huge billboards featuring the YB's and the MP's smiling figure with few phrases drawing the "rakyat" attention to contact them should there is any problem faced by them (very obvious comparison - if I were to compare it with Tambunan and Kota Marudu).

Having been there has actually altered my long embedded perception of assuming Lahad Datu as a humble small maritime and agrarian town - it is actually the other way round, the town has outnumbered my "two towns / "kampungs" in many ways - though it is located far off from the capital city (faham-faham saja la...)...he..he..

I also took the opportunity to visit few of my former varsity mates in Kunak, Balung and Silam - Well.. few of them have wrinkeld with dark complexion due to long hours working on their inherited small medium oil palm "estate" - but suprisingly, even with that small medium "empire" they managed to build quite a comfy and poshy house (which in KK could worth RM250,000+++) plus to own few new 4x4 - Yupp..several of them are actually government official but still adopting a low profile existence.

I went off back to KK on the Jan 29, 2009 - rushing to see my dissertation supervisor - as I have been contacted by my buddy that the dateline ("deathline"...huh..huh..) would be actually the next day (Jan 30, 2009)...It was really a tensed usual I called my supervisor as I've already prepared my many hopefully accepted excuses - Thank God, the reply was favorable enough - as he uttered..."Carl, just come and see me at your convenience" ( I wonder if our YBs and MPs are like this with full of discretion...)

Well I guess this piece is quite a bit of lengthy. I need to attend my domestic duks, chickens & puppies first as I could hear them shouting at me from the backyard asking to be fed...see you guys